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Software Engineer


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You will work closely with our team to design, develop, and improve products either internally at JGM Strategy or for projects and casework. You will have an opportunity to work with frontier technology in autonomous robotics, logistics, and planning software. You will be an essential part of our team and innovate rapidly.

Bring your software engineering skills to the max at JGM Strategy. We have many projects to work on depending on your skillset, including internal infrastructure, fullstack development, data warehousing, artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, and more. Client projects also wildly vary and often require an array of skills.



The salary range for this position is $60,000 to $200,000.


Please note, the form is currently under construction. Submissions will not be received. If you would like to apply (and maybe help us finish this form!), please email us at [email protected] instead with your resume.